“What’s your flava?”

In the words of Craig David, “Tell me what’s your flava…”

Really though – almost the first thing you should be thinking about having just got engaged (aside from how to announce the jaw-dropping news), is what you want your wedding to look like…  What is the theme?  There are so many options these days, from the weird and wacky to the wonderfully classic.

The main point to get across is that you need to PICK ONE theme and STICK WITH IT! You are bound to fall in love with different elements of various themes as you trawl, transfixed through wedding magazine after wedding magazine…  But trust me, bundling all of these elements together could be distastrous.  The many details that go into wedding planning pull together to make something glorious and awe-inspiring, but if those many details are all speaking a different languauge you will end up with a deafening cacophony that will inspire things other than awe…

It may be that you know exactly where you want to get married already – in which case you should let your venue style take the lead.  Your wedding style should compliment the wedding venue, not shout it down.  If you have picked somewhere full of vintage character and quirkiness, trying to impose a modern sleek romantic theme just won’t work.

Your wedding theme will need to run through every element of your big day – from your dress and the grooms attire to the flowers, transport, entertainment and venue.

For example, a boho-rustic wedding might involve a pretty floaty dress and flower hair garland; loose and bountiful flowers casually strewn; outdoor space scattered with hay bales, picnic blankets a tipi and fire pit; a vintage VW van for transport that later becomes a pop-up gin bar; an acoustic band to cement the chilled festival vibe as your guests celebrate late into the evening…



On the other hand, a classic romantic wedding would deserve an elegant dress with a veil over a bejewelled up-do.  It may be in a beautiful stately home with sparkling chandeliers and perfectly manicured gardens.  The flowers would be a little more uniformed; a crisp and striking bridal bouquet with complimenting statement centrepieces on each table.  The transport for this wedding may be a beautiful old rolls royce or horse drawn carriage even.  A harp could serenade the guests upon arrival as they sip on a chilled bellini…


Also be mindful of the number of guests you are inviting – if you’re going BIG, embrace the fiesta vibe!

Essentially, take your time over this part to consider every angle, as once you’ve picked your theme and started making purchases based upon it, there’s no turning back – and you don’t want to be hammering a square peg into a round hole when things start going awry…!

If it’s all getting a bit much and there seem to be too may possibilities – just give me a call!  We can chat through your ideas and narrow down what theme might fit yours and your fiance’s style and requirements.

Otherwise – best of luck creating your happy ever after!