Consider a Hygge Winter Wedding

Just got engaged? The very first thing to get nailed after he pops the big question, is when and where your big day will take place…

The most popular time of year (to address the first of those points) has seemed to be Summer forever and a day… but Summer weddings are becoming a bit cliché aren’t they?  They absolutely have their perks and can make for beautiful weddings, but before opting for the heat, an outdoor venue, and strappy bridesmaid dresses… I urge you to consider the alternative.
We have just come out of Christmas – the most magical time of the year! Part of what makes the season magical is what also makes it romantic… Stunning frost covered landscapes, fur throws, log fires, beautiful spiced scents filling the air… The Danish have coined the word “Hygge” to describe this cosy winter feeling; enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

Why not indulge in a Hygge wedding that offers fur blankets for your guests to get cosy on; an open fire to warm their toes and a mulled wine bar to warm their cockles! A country estate will look spectacular in the winter with lanterns, tea lights and fairy lights, and there are some truly fabulous winter wedding dresses out there… You have a little more flexibility with a dress that works in the winter; think heavier materials, bolder colours, more accessories and shawls!
Another massive plus point: Winter weddings are cheaper! They’re a less desirable time for many, so you’ll have more room to negotiate with your chosen venue.  You could even jump on the back of their Christmas season decorations to save money on your decor…
Winter weddings are definitely more unique – your guests are not likely to have another one to attend and so their excitement and anticipation will be peaked!

So when planning your wedding, give it some consideration and look at some of these beautiful winter wedding snaps for some wedding inspiration