About hayley elizabeth


I’m Hayley.

I am a Mum of two beautiful, yet exhausting little ones – Evangeline & Zachary. I have loved the opportunity to be a stay at home mum with them and am equally thrilled that with my own business I can work on what I love, while not missing out on time with my babies.

I am the wife of a pretty unconventional but most amazing church leader (disregard all stereotypes of a “vicars wife” immediately please). So if you need a vicar to take your wedding service… I can hook you up 😜

I am a dedicated Christian and my faith provides a moral compass by which I navigate life. Our church is our family, our support, our joy.

I am a big foody – My husband and I love a date night out for cocktails and adventurous food! A spicy Thai curry would be top of my list right now…

I am passionate about creating and delivering exceptionally beautiful and perfectly run events. I enjoyed a fast-paced and exciting career in London for various companies as Head of Events and Marketing over a span of ten years – and then the arrival of two small children and a move out of the capital forced me to slow down somewhat and realise that I could finally focus on my passion of wedding planning! Having built up a large and varied portfolio of events whilst working in London; I learnt how to manage large teams, large quantities of suppliers, large (and small!) budgets, and essentially how to create an event that exceeds expectations and makes people happy!